After reading that essay that Dorion Sagan wrote, I better understand the importance that people - the public, just everyone in general too - know that science doesn’t just belong to scientists or researchers. It belongs to everyone. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have libraries. Or museums. Or science teachers. It doesn’t seem blatantly obvious at first, which is why I’m just now realizing it, but it’s so important!

It’s so important for everyone to know about the role of science in our lives because it’s such a big part of our society, our technology, our discoveries, our decisions, our day-to-day lives. It’s such an injustice that so many people don’t realize this and it’s up to those who understand this problem to help fix it.

And that really goes back to this post. If people don’t know that they can be involved in science, that they can utilize it without being a full-fledged scientist or having a degree, then an entirely different world opens up to them. And that care and appreciation for something by so many people helps protect it and ensure that it’s kept safe for future generations.

I see this a lot when I go to star parties held by the local astronomical society. Parents bring their small children to come and look at planets, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and everyone ends up learning something. Looking down through that eyepiece shows them that they don’t just exist in a small town or city or country - they’re part of the entire universe, they live there with everyone else. If you back up far enough, you can see that we all live in the same place. It can take something as simple as a telescope to change someone’s entire perspective.

Writing out my ideas and revelations helps them stick better in my mind. Just thought I’d share this.

Also, Happy Father’s Day.