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So I don't understand how you can do "research" by reblogging shit that's from Tumblr and Wordpress and believe them over an organization like Invisible Children. I know what you're trying to say about not believing everything you hear. But okay, how do you know that these people, who seem to know more about the issue, are telling the truth? What gives their little Tumblr or website link any validity over Invisible Children? Just wondering what you think of that.

Really all I’m doing right now is “changing brain tracks”, where I’m trying to get myself in the hardcore skeptic mood. Until actually today, I’d been a steadfast supporter of IC - but I never remembered seeing any sources cited in videos or statistics and such on their website.

I’m getting my brain into the mood of dropping what I thought was a greatly beneficial thing and turning it into something that requires research and reconsideration.

I’ll do my own research at some point, probably within this week (it’s so late right now) but all I’m doing with those reblogs is getting my mind in the mood of “drop what you believed and look at the hard facts, not what you’ve been told the whole time”. Only instead I’m getting different opinions.